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In 2019, Myrna Pokiak had the honour to submit a design in competition to represent 150 Years of the Northwest Territories joining confederation. Her design was chosen and in 2020 her coin launched. Every detail on the coin is symbolic of the North, the people, and the environment that has sustained the people through 150 years.

Coin image © 2020 Royal Canadian Mint. All rights reserved /Image de pièce © 2020 Monnaie royale canadienne. Tous droits réservés

Art Inspiration - by Myrna Pokiak (Agnaviak)

In 2019, with an amazing team from the Canadian Museum of Nature, and friends and family from Tuktoyaktuk, Myrna Pokiak had the honour to curate an exhibit on the Beluga Whale Harvest from the perspective of her three young Inuvialuk daughters. The exhibit was a recreation of one Myrna worked on in 2003 with the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. Myrna captured all the videos and photographs, with the assistance of her daughters and her mom, Maureen Pokiak. The exhibit launched in Ottawa in 2019, extended to 2022.

Tusaayaksat Summer 2020 Cover Page

Photographer for Tusayaaksat for the Nursing Issue for Summer 2020, capturing two Inuvialuk nurses working during the pandemic in Yellowknife, NT, at the Stanton Territorial Hospital.

Tusaayaksat Winter 2019 2020 Issue Cover Page by Maureen Pokiak & Writer

Writer for Tusaayaksat on the New Exhibit at the National Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario. As a curator with a team of exhibit producers, this was one of the highlights of Myrna Pokiak's careers.

In June 2013, the launch of the NWT Aboriginal Cultural Awareness E Training was made, a training package Alappaa was contracted to create. Myrna spent a year compiling images, audio, video, and interviews to use to enhance the training. Myrna's intention was to ensure that the voices of the Inuvialuit, Metis, and Dene were evident and topics were addressed by aboriginal people of the past and today.

In collaboration with Ookpik Tours and Adventures, we wrote and developed a Cultural Awareness Training package.

Author of an article called: “The North is Like an Igloo”, written to express my views on sovereignty, from the perspective of an Inuvialuk.

Wrote a teacher guide and created an E learning course based on the Inuvialuit document “Taimani: At That Time”

Research and writing business proposals, marketing management and advertising. In addition to taking photographs and video of contracts and projects to use for marketing and business promotion. To view photos and graphic designing, click here. Link to website: www.nextreme.ca.

Culture Camp at the Yellowknife River

Myrna taught for YK1 at Mildred Hall School prior to being hired as the Aboriginal Education Coordinator. She worked with other Department leaders, district office personnel and school staff to incorporate and promote aboriginal education through two main curriculums: DeneKede and Inukatigiit. Her role was to support opportunities to develop and teach culturally relevant material to students and staff at YK1, enouraging culture based education within and outside the classroom for students and staff.