GNWT - Aboriginal Cultural Awareness E Training

In June 2013, the launch of the NWT Aboriginal Cultural Awareness E Training was made, a training package Alappaa was contracted to create. Myrna spent a year compiling images, audio, video, and interviews to use to enhance the training. Myrna's intention was to ensure that the voices of the Inuvialuit, Metis, and Dene were evident and topics were addressed by aboriginal people of the past and today.

The training is currently available on the Department of Human Resources Website at: Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training. There are four modules to the training, based on the history of the North and the events that have led up to the current situations of the Inuvialuit, Metis, and Dene of the Northwest Territories as time brings on change.

The training is broken into four modules:

Module 1: Culture and Cultural Awareness E Training (Background)

Module 2: The Aboriginal Peoples of the Northwest Territories

Module 3: The History of the Northwest Territories from an Aboriginal Perspective

Module 4: Present and Future Issues for the Aboriginal People of the Northwest Territories

The training is intended to build understanding of the North and the contribution and dedication Inuvialuit, Metis, and Dene have within a place we all call home and share with other northerners. The resources used in the training came from a variety of individuals, Aboriginal Governments, and Government Departments, making the content illustrative of the topics being discussed.