Experience is the Foundation

Research, Writing, and Consulting Services

Alappaa has over two decades of experience in research, writing, and consulting. At the root, Alappaa was trained in education, sharing knowledge, and researching to gain incite and collaborate ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

Working with Aboriginal Governments, Territorial and Federal Agencies, Museums and Heritage Centres, and Private Industries, Alappaa brings forward perspectives from a 100% Northern and Aboriginal business, with new ideas, original content, and cultural highlights.

Alappaa's Services include:

  • Research and Writing
  • Visual Documentation¬†
  • Strategic Planning & Development
  • Engagement with Aboriginal Governments and Organizations
  • Report Writing Incorporating Research through Interviews and Archives
  • Guiding and Mentoring from an Aboriginal Perspective
  • Land Claim Research and Education from an Aboriginal and Northern Perspective
  • Exhibit Design and Curating
  • Storytelling through Photos and Videos