Training & Tourism

Alappaa Consulting offers a variety of training, tailored to meet the needs of the client. Training is based on the number of hours or days required, content, and age group. One area that Alappaa focuses on in regards to training is to give participants an overview of the Inuvialuit and our culture. As an Inuvialuk, born and raised in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, participating in on-the-land and seasonal activities, Myrna is inspired to teach others about the Inuvialuit from her perspective and cultural knowledge. With her education background, Myrna writes and delivers a variety of lessons and training sessions, targeting the audience interests and development needs.

Examples of some of the training delivered are in classroom discussions focusing on specific cultural activites, such as Beluga Whale Harvesting, Drum Dancing, Tools and Technology, Clothing and Shelter, as well as the History of the Inuvialuit through photographs, audio, video, and artefacts made by her family and Inuvialuit who live in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. 

Additionally, Alappaa Consulting works with a variety of individuals and organizations to deliver age appropriate and culture based education on other cultural groups. For example, there are key storytellers , artists, seamstresses, and individuals who have a wealth of traditional knowledge best shared personally by those individuals and organized by Alappaa Consulting. In addition, one area of future development and focus will be on tourism. This will provide local NWT residents and visitors to the Northwest Territories to participate in a variety hands-on tourism activities with guides who can provide informative, fun, and memorable experiences, from a location easily accessible from Yellowknife, with an opportunity to participate in guided packages with Alappaa's relations with other tour companies further North.